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Would You Like Some Mechanic Service Calls?

Well business has picked up and I’m getting more service calls than I can handle. If you are a mechanic and are interested in taking on some more work I can send you business straight away.

Calls cover Los Angeles city/county areas.
Click this link for more details  > Get some mechanic calls

Is Your Car Reliable? – Find Out The Winners & Losers

Ever wondered if your car is going to start after you turn that key on a cold morning? Check out the reports below to see if your car makes the relaibility grade. If you are in the market for a new auto this resource will give you a solid foundation to start (or finish) yourContinue Reading

Why a Blue ASE Symbol is Important

ASE stands for the ‘National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence’ and is an independent non-profit organization set-up to provide a national training standard for automotive professionals. The aim is to promote high quality work from trained technicians which in turn benefits the customer. Not all auto mechanics are ASE certified  – this should be oneContinue Reading

3 Clues That Your Brakes May Need Therapy

Anyone who drives a car knows that maintenance is a requirement. In most cases, it is important to get that maintenance before a small problem turns into a bigger problem. Your car’s braking system needs regular upkeep if you want to stay as safe on the road as possible. Additionally, braking systems are much moreContinue Reading

3 Reasons Why DIY (Do It Yourself) Auto Repair Needs a Re-think!

Repairing your car can be very costly. For that reason, many people (and not just in Los Angeles) look for ways to cut expenses; some even opt to try their own hands at auto repair, however inexperienced they are. Generally speaking, this is something that should be left to the professionals. Need some convincing? HereContinue Reading

Save Money on Auto Repair

One great way to save money on your auto repairs is to try some of the more straight forward repairs yourself. Here is a pretty good video showing you how to change brake pads. Happy motoring! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyKUc4X9gXw

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